Simple, classic designs based on local materials and traditional craftsmanship. Creating timeless pieces, at home in period or contemporary settings.

Our furniture design is primarily inspired by simple 18th century country work. The use of British native hard woods like oak, ash and elm, Baltic softwoods, traditional joints and classic finishing techniques give the pieces a timeless quality which suit period or contemporary settings.


While modern machinery is selectively used, there is no substitute for simple hand tools like the bead moulding plane and the cabinet scraper and these lend a pleasing irregularity to our work. We finish timber with various traditional techniques including the fuming or liming of oak, vegetable staining, linseed oil polishing and lime/casein distempers.

Tables and other items are generally made to order to suit individual requirements. I am able to design and produce bespoke items. We keep a small stock of completed items for sale, please contact me to find out what is available.