My childhood was spent in South Africa where I was fascinated from an early age by the simplicity and economy of Dutch, Huguenot and British colonial design. Local materials, simple hand tools and meticulous hand craft resulted in a legacy of timeless pieces. Now living in West Wales, my interest in the vernacular and the essentially “provincial” continues in this richly rural area. The manner in which classical design elements have permeated from far flung cultural centres and have been modified and absorbed into vernacular traditions, is a constant source of inspiration.

My work draws largely on these influences as I self-consciously try to avoid passing trends, opting where ever possible for an understated simplicity which is neither in nor out of the prevailing fashion. Vernacular building is by its very nature a product of its surroundings: location, geology, local resources and local skills. Very often, thrift and expediency give regional buildings their distinct character. This tradition requires an intimate understanding of materials, processes and social/historical context.